Love Notes

Love notes...


"Thank you Ileen.  You are doing such amazing things, helping women to live encouraged, be more brave and press through to become all that God wants them to be!  You're such a precious person only God could've known that I need you to be available to call and "throw up" my life to you and for you to give me encouragement and wisdom and hope.  I can't wait for you to be traveling globally for L.E.!!!"

Helen, Houston, TX

"Ileen has helped me have more confidence in myself and trust my instincts more.  She has also helped me have a closer relationship with the Lord, by making more time for my relationship with Him.  Putting Him first in my marriage and my relationship with my children.  She has also set goals for me to establish myself professionally.  I truly respect her work and the ease at which she listens and gives a different perspective on issues.  She sets realistic goals and has taught me to empower myself.  Forever grateful!

Laura, Humble, TX

"Thank you Ileen, your encouragement means a lot to me and I am so blessed to have met you.   You are certainly helping me with my walk with God."

Michelle, United Kingdom

"To the Lady that taught me that 'It is what it is!' You helped me to learn to accept and adapt.  The alternative was not my path.  It is amazing what you did in 90 minutes.  Keep it up!"

Coleen, Humble, TX